BHS is committed to empowering the customer through technology. We have a variety of software solutions geared specifically toward the challenges faced by HCOs. From inventory management and asset allocation, to an innovative wound care assessment guide, BHS provides answers. We utilize a web-based ordering system, but also provide individual, customized EDI solutions for many HCOs.

BHS was one of the first distribution companies to proactively promote Data Mining with our customers. Using a web-based solution, we provide our HCOs on-demand access to the information we have for them. We empower them to search and generate the data that is important to them, not the other way around.


+ Health Care Academy

Healthcare Academy provides industry-leading online training for the long term care industry. With a dynamic array of innovative, powerful tools at your finger tips, Healthcare Academy can help dramatically improve your organization’s efficiency, accuracy, quality and satisfaction.

+ Home Care Plus

Home Care Plus supply management allows your clinical staff to maximize productivity while ensuring that your patients receive their much needed product in a timely manner. Through the use of technology your orders are electronically placed and tracked throughout our distribution center. This ensures on time delivery and complete tracking of your supply costs.

+ MedConduit 2

MedConduit, Inc. provides health care professionals with a single, online medical product ordering resource. This site is your instant connection to a powerful world of medical supply distribution, as well as to the vital data and resources needed for better business management.

+ QuickRounds

QuickRounds™ is an easy to use software that offers real-time information to promote wound healing. It also helps your medical team navigate to the proper dressings that will keep treatments within the Medicare coverage guidelines.

+ Streamline

Streamline helps you maximize your supply chain. Through our stockless distribution program you can reduce the cost of carrying, maintaining and distributing medical supplies. We deliver in low unit of measure directly to Resident Care Units, maximizing your supply chain by reducing multiple handling of products

+ SupplyHawk

SupplyHawk is a complete charge capture, inventory control and purchasing system.It was designed to help Health Care facilities and agencies maximize their revenue from ancillary charge capture and to mange their supplies with operational excellence.