Automotive Grade Nitrile & Latex Gloves

Our selection of nitrile and latex disposable gloves are manufactured to withstand the demands of a busy automotive or mechanic shop. From tire rotations to oil changes, brake rebuilds to suspension replacements, automotive technicians can count on these gloves to remain tear-free and comfortable throughout the day. 

Benefits automotive technicians should look for:

  • Durability & puncture resistance
  • High flexibility & dexterity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Proper sizing - glove should fit snugly, but leave room for airflow

Constructed out of highly durable, puncture-resistant rubbers, any of our automotive grade nitrile or latex gloves offer long-lasting hand protection. Despite the heavy duty construction, these gloves have a mold to hand fit that does not inhibit touch and feel - a very important benefit when working with tools, complex machines, and small parts. For a high level of chemical resistance, check out any of our nitrile glove offerings - the synthetic rubber composition is highly protective against harsh cleaning chemicals and automotive fluids.