Corporate Overview

Since 1977, BHS has steadily grown its medical/surgical distribution business to hospitals and nursing homes. They have done this through diverse product offerings, supply chain management, technological solutions and service. Along the way, and with its core competency of consumable supplies intact, BHS has been able to successfully branch into non-traditional categories such as Medicare Part B billing, Equipment and Housekeeping. These have proven valuable additions to an already robust portfolio, and have enabled BHS to serve additional health care organizations such as Home Health, Surgery Center and DME Retail. Today, BHS proudly meets the needs of over 500 Health Care Organizations (HCO's).

Proudly selected as one of Western New York's Top Private Companies, BHS remains one of the region's leading independent, family-owned, medical supply distribution companies.

"The challenge we face today is staying price competitive without sacrificing service. We continue to look for ways to drive the cost out of healthcare. We will be successful by working with our manufacturing partners to deliver the most efficient price to the consumer. Second, we will implement technology that enables our customers to access data. There is a lot of information flowing through the channels of healthcare. If we can capture this data and make it understandable, then we will empower the end users. This will enable them to proactively manage their own systems and allow us to develop a more cohesive working relationship with them."

Ryan M. Burke, Chief Executive Officer